Advanced Filters

Sell more and save time with Advanced Filters

Pistil makes it easy to quickly prioritize any of your Opportunities with Advanced Filters. You can quickly find the retailers most likely to purchase your products, and spend more time selling with the time you saved. 

Every metric in Opportunities has an Advanced Filter located in the upper left corner next to the Sort button. For example, within your Prospects list you can Filter for retailers carrying a specific brand, find any retailer with a gap at a certain price point, or look for which retailers are carrying specific products. 

Located at the top within each Advanced Filter, you will find On Menu & Not On Menu. On Menu indicates that the selected Brand, Price, Weight, or Flavor is currently being carried by the retailers you’re interested in finding. Not On Menu indicates the opposite, meaning the retailers you’d like to see do not currently carry products with the attributes you’ve selected. If you have multiple Categories selected in your Global Filters, only Brand may appear as selectable in Advanced Filters. This happens because Categories do not share the same characteristics.