Custom Territories

See relevant opportunities by territories that match how your sales team is organized.

Pistil makes it easy to find Opportunities that matter to you with Custom Territories! To create your Custom Territory, head over to the Opportunities page and select your Global Filters at the top of the screen. Once we’re in Global Filters, click into Territories and select Create Custom Territory at the top of the screen.

You can easily select all of the retailers within a certain area by approximating that area on your map screen, selecting List View, and tapping Select All. You can also add specific retailers by typing a retailer's name in the Search All Retailers bar at the top of the screen.

You will know when a Retailer has been added to your Custom Territory when the pin changes from a gray outline to a filled out light purple pin. No worries if you accidentally select a store that is not in your territory. Simply select that retailer's pin,  and tap the check mark which will appear next the the retailer's name at the bottom of the screen.

You have the ability to add retailers from all over your state, so the possibilities for Custom Territories are endless! Here are a few examples already being created by our clients: Sales Rep specific territories, Key Accounts, & Stores with centralized buyers. All Custom Territories are visible by every user in your account regardless of who created them. However, only the specific user that created the Custom Territory can edit it.


Now that you've got your first Custom Territory set up, here a few FAQs:

Q: Can I edit every Custom Territory under my account?
A: You can edit Custom Territories after they’ve been saved, only if you are the user that created them in the first place. You cannot edit Custom Territories created by your colleagues.
Q: What about New Retailers that open in my area? Will they be automatically added to my Custom Territory?
A: No retailers are automatically added to your Custom Territory once it has been created. Any time you want to add new/additional stores to your Custom Territory, you will have to edit that territory. To edit your Custom Territory, navigate to the Opportunities page and select your Global Filters at the top of the screen. Next select the Territory filter and tap the Edit button next to the name of your Custom Territory. This will allow you to change the name of the territory, and add or remove retailers. 
Q: Can I create multiple Custom Territories?
A: Of course! Our clients frequently create multiple Custom Territories. You can edit your Custom Territories at any point later on so get creative! Besides Sales Rep specific Territories, our clients have created Key Accounts, & Stores with centralized buyers.
Q: I have an account with multi-state access. Will users in one state be able to see Custom Territories created by users in a different state?
A: Not to worry, your users will only see Custom Territories that have been created in their home state. If you have access to multiple states under one user, you’ll be able to see state specific Custom Territories by switching your State view on our Menu page.