Finding a Pricing Gap Across Your Prospects

Here's how to find Prospects with a gap in their pricing.

Pistil makes it simple to quickly identify every Prospect with a hole in their menu. Our clients often open new doors by contacting every Prospect they've identified as having a price gap. To identify a gap on your Prospects menu, navigate to the Opportunties page and set your Global Filters. Next, select Prospects and click the Filter button next to "Sort." Lastly, click Not On Menu and select the Price (such as Price: $20 - $25) and any relevant product characteristics (such as Weight: 3.5g).

This will return every Prospect that does not currently carry any products matching that description. For the example above, we are looking for every Prospect not carrying any eights of Flower priced between $20 - $25. (Pro Tip: If you have multiple Categories selected in your Global Filters, only Brand may appear as selectable in Advanced Filters. This happens because Categories do not share the same characteristics.)