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Expand Your Shelfspace

Have more efficient conversations with buyers and expand your shelfspace.

To quickly find accounts who need more of your products, and have more efficient conversations with those buyers, you'll need Current Accounts. First, navigate to the Opportunties page at the bottom left of the screen. Next, set your Global Filters at the top of the Opportunties screen. Now that we're set up, select Current Accounts.

Current Accounts is every retailer we’ve identified that are carrying one or more your brand’s products. This metric will also show products out-of-stock for each Current Account. Now select "Sort" and click "Least In-stock." This will show all of your Current Accounts with the least amount of products currently in-stock. You can also see every product they recently sold out of. 

Current Accounts make it easy to keep track of your business, have more efficient conversations with buyers.