Optimize Your Route

Use the Map to optimize your time and plan your route.

Pistil makes it simple to plan your best route. First, navigate to the Map page at the bottom of the screen. Next, set your Global Filters at the top of the Map screen. Pistil makes it easy to find Opportunities near accounts you’re going to visit! (Head to the third paragraph if you don't have a specific account in mind!)

Type the name of the retailer you're going to visit in Search Stores, located near the bottom left of the Map screen. This will quickly find that exact store, and the Map will drop Pins on the screen indicating different types of Opportunities in the nearby area (where they’re located). If you'd like a larger or smaller area for planning your route, just zoom in/out on the map! (Pro Tip: swipe across the icons directly below Global Filters at the top of the screen to see the definition of each Pin.)

No specific store in mind today? No problem! Pistil can help you find exactly where you need to go. Simply approximate the area you could potentially visit on the Map screen. Pistil will populate that area with all of your potential Opportunities instantly, so you can find where best to spend your day on the road!

Heads up! Tapping List View in the bottom left of the Map screen will give you a dropdown of all the Opportunities in your selected Map view! No worries if you get a little lost, there is a Current Location button in the bottom right to navigate back to your current location.