Taking Over Your Competitor's Accounts

This is the quickest way to target your competitor's shelfspace.

The fastest way to target your competitor's shelfspace is to use Pistil's Advanced Filters within your Prospects. Advanced Filters will allow you to quickly find which of your Prospects are carrying your competitor's products. (Pro Tip: you can also add additional Filters, like price point, weight, and other Category specific factors to find your best target stores!) 

To access Advanced Filters select the Opportunties page, set your Global Filters at the top of the screen, and click into your Prospects. Within your Prospects, select the Filter button next to "Sort." Then select On Menu at the top of the screen and enter your competitor's brand. This will present every Prospect that currently carries your competitor's products. If you'd like to add additional Filters like price point, you can only have one category selected in your Global Filters. If you have multiple Categories selected in your Global Filters, only Brand may appear as selectable in Advanced Filters. This happens because Categories do not share the same characteristics.