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What are Leaders?

Pistil offers insights on the Leaders page to help you stay on top of what is happening in the market. Here you can find the definitions for each metric within Leaders.

Top 25 Brands: this metric looks at each brand’s overall market penetration by counting every retailer stocking one or more of the brand’s products during the week analyzed.

Top 25 Products: this will show you which products are being carried by the most retailers in a given territory. 

Fastest Growing Brand: this metric calculates which brands have had their products stocked in the most new retailers, within the last week. A new retailer is any store that has not stocked the brand for a minimum of 4+ weeks, or never carried the brand previously. 

New Products: anytime Pistil detects new products they will appear here. Be aware if you have a specific territory(s) selected, the products are new for that exact area. This means they may have been previously present in other parts of the state.

Top 15 Strains: This metric counts which strains are stocked by the highest number of retailers across brands and products, within a given category.

Fastest Growing Products: This shows products that increased the count of retailers they’re stocked in the most in the current period, compared to the full week starting four weeks prior to the current date range. To qualify for this metric the product must have initially appeared in at least 10% of the retailers in the selected territory.