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What does each Filter Mean?

This article helps you understand what each Global Filter selection refers to.

Global Filters: Located at the top of the screen within the Opportunities & Map pages are your Global Filters. Your sections within Global Filters will determine the accounts you are presented with. 

this is the focus brand, under which all of your Opportunities will be calculated. To begin, select the brand you’re most focused on selling. If needed, you can select multiple brands at once.

(Pro Tip: you have access to every brand in the category you’ve subscribed to.)

Territory: Pistil breaks down the state into territories. Select whichever territory(s) that encompasses your accounts.

(Pro Tip: Check the Getting Started section of this Knowledge Base for a visual breakdown of each territory within your state.)

Category: Pistil breaks down cannabis products into one of the following categories: Flower, Prerolls, Gummies, Vapes, Concentrates, & Beverages. You’ll be able to view data on every product and brand within the categories you’ve subscribed to in your Pistil agreement.

Products: once the above filters have been set, we can drill down into a specific product. This filter is used when looking at data for a specific product. Pistil differentiates each product by its defining characteristics. These characteristics differ between categories, but some examples are Brand, Weight, Strain, Flavor, Oil Type, & Device Type. 

(Pro Tip: once a specific product is selected, you will only see data pertaining to that exact product.)

Time period: Pistil is currently aggregating information weekly. Each Date Range in the app covers Thursday through Wednesday, the most recent data being from last week. The data in Pistil refreshes every Monday morning. 

(Pro Tip: most of our users check Pistil every Monday morning to get ahead in planning their routes!)