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What are Opportunities?

Here you can find what each Opportunity in Pistil means. Your Opportunities are located at the bottom left of the screen.

Prospects: this lists every retailer that is not carrying any of the selected brand’s products. If you selected multiple brands in the Filters section, this list will show retailers not carrying any of the selected brands. 

(Pro Tip: hit the “filter” button within the prospects list to find your best prospects!)

Winbacks: this lists every retailer that has carried at least one of your brand’s products within the last 90 days, and is currently sold out of your brand. 

Re-stocks: this list every retailer who is out-of-stock of at least one of the selected brand’s products. Re-stocks will also show you what is still in-stock at the given retailer so you can have efficient conversations with the buyer.

(Pro Tip: get re-orders faster by monitoring your re-stocks every week! If you’re a business or an enterprise customer, have this sent to your email every Monday morning by Scheduling a Report.)

Price Changes: Pistil will tell you anytime a retailer changes the price of one or more of the selected brand’s products. The prices reflected in Pistil are the same prices seen by the retailer’s customers.

Current Accounts: true to the metric name, this is every retailer we’ve identified that is carrying one or more of the selected brand’s products. This metric will also show products out-of-stock for each Current Account.

(Pro Tip: expand your shelf space and get more reorders by Sorting this list for Least In-stock.)

New Retailers: Pistil tracks every retailer in the state by connecting licensing data to operational retailers. Every retailer newly opened in the last 4 weeks will appear on this list. 

All Retailers: this is a comprehensive list of every open retailer in your selected territory(s). This list also includes the small number of retailers we are tracking, but not analyzing for product level data. Retailers we list as “not analyzed” are stores that we currently do not provide menu information for within the app. Any retailer we are not analyzing will not appear in any of the above Opportunities dropdowns.